Camping in Los Padres National Forest – Tips for camping at Limekiln State Park Campground

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My first camping experience at the Los Padres National Forest is unforgettable. The Central Coast of California is a series of cliffs, cliffs, forested areas, beaches and magical blue waters. I was excited to have a campsite in Limekiln State Campgrounds with a view of the Pacific Ocean. Since my birthday 2 years ago, we have been flying from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I have not returned to the Big Sur area. The reason for making this trip better is that my fiancУЉTrevor and our friends Karen and Alan shared this extraordinary place with me.

If you are like me, you want to know as much information as you can when going to the campsite. The showers are hot, we will be in a good campsite, how far away from the campsite. Because this is the first time I really don't know what will happen. The booking and campsite sites only show you a small perspective on camping here. I want to give you some useful tips to help you make the most of your Big Sur camping experience. [Some tips apply only to Limekiln campsites, but other tips are general tips for camping and exploring the Central Coast]

1] Bring cash for the shower. The two-hour shower costs $0.25, which is definitely the best deal I have seen in Big Sur. Julia Pfeiffer State Park Campsite is $2 and is priced at $1.00! The shower is also very hot, not just not cold or hot! [Of course, the cherry on top]

2] If you are travelling with a second car, be sure to bring cash to cover the daily fee of $10. The reservation covers only the first car.

3] Each campsite has a drinking water and dishwashing faucet.

4] If you book a beach campsite, you will sleep on Highway 1. This is not so bad, because the sound of a car passing through the waves is covered by the sound of the waves crashing and the sound of the creek running to the ocean.

5] Did I mention that there is a small stream next to the campsite? Please make sure you have booked a marine campsite booked on the east side of the camp map.

6] The beach is reliable and no swimming is allowed.

7] Swimming is also prohibited through all beaches in the Big Sur area. Waves are unpredictable and the rip current is very powerful. It's hard to find a beach that is suitable for filling.

8] Layering is very important for camping in Limekiln. It will be gloomy and cold at night, and the ocean layer will disappear in the afternoon, allowing you to be dominated by the sun's rays.

9] The beach may be windy. Sand will fly in all directions, including from below you. Open the wind breaker, glasses and scarf to cover the face, head and torso.

10] Depending on the time of year, you will not be able to watch the sunset on the water. We went to May 28-30, and the sun fell on the rocks in the northwest.

11] A little more than a mile for a one-way trip to Limekiln Falls. A good way to start camping when you first arrive.

12] Hiking trails are limited and short, so you may want to plan a day trip to other parks along the coast.

13] If you are camping in Limekiln, parking fees for other parks and beaches are not included. Pfeiffer State Park and the beach are each $10.

14] Bring the earplugs of the noisy neighbors, remember to prepare them, because nothing is worse than finding them in the middle of the night.

15] Big Sur State Park is 1 hour and 20 minutes from the hotel. Spend a day skiing and a great way to enjoy nature.

16] Big Sur may become very vague. When we visit the ocean floor, most of the time is a trip to the hills and the ocean. It is clear at noon and afternoon, but it is still foggy on the horizon on the water. I found the weather in mid-November and mid-July to be the best and the sky clear.

17] Make sure to stop the air supply before arriving because the nearest gas station is more than 40 miles from the campsite.

18] Talk to locals at restaurants in the area to learn about the area's cool hiking and beaches. I spoke to a girl in Big Sur Taphouse next to the mature woman. I am very happy that I started talking to her because she told us about the Pfeiffer State Beach. So far, the best experience of Big Sur.

19] When you stumble through the day, be sure to check all the different campsites along the way. You may find your next camping spot. Kirk Creek is now on my campsite list, which is located on a cliff above the water. There is also a Julia Pfeiffer State Park campsite overlooking the beach.

20] You want to stop and have a lot of vantage points, so make time. Each landscape has a different landscape and spectacular sights

The most important thing to remember is to explore the forests and beaches. No matter what difficulties you encounter or accidental snoring, Big Sur will be a lifetime trip. This is the most beautiful place I have ever been to, and even my friend likens it to an expensive holiday and thinks it should cost thousands of dollars. I traveled in North Cascades backpacking, camping in Yosemite and Zion and hiking. These places are not even close to the beauty and tranquility of the entire Central Coast. I hope that after reading, you will be inspired to go camping on the Central Coast of California.

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