Campbell Let’s Share Skills!

Campbell Let’s Share Skills!
To join the skill sharing community, please add Wechat account: skillsharing2017 so that we will add you to Wechat group, or you can join Facebook group: Skill Sharing Bay Area Wanna learn surfing, wanna learn photography, wanna learn vocal singing, wanna learn painting, wanna learn Yoga, wanna learn handcrafts, wanna learn some instrument, wanna learn various sports… there are simply too many skills that you wanna learn about! But of course you have to find someone as your teacher. So why not exchange with your own skills? Or maybe you have a lot of interests but you gave up for different reasons; or maybe you are good at some skills, but you have abandoned it for a long period. Why not exchange and share? Give others a chance to learn from you, as well as to give yourself to learn something new. What is skill sharing? Skills can include any of your knowledge (Japanese gardening, computer language, etc.), skills (basketball, magic cube, Mahjong, etc), experiences (dog keeping, looking for job quickly, etc.) and service (identifying a jem, planning a party, etc). In addition, it can involve wisdom, creativity, techniques and much more. It can be anything beyond a commercial product that you can think of. By teaching each other and learning from each other, the skill owners become the skill takers. That is the purpose of skill sharing community. 报名参加技能交换活动请加微信 skillsharing2017拉入群(暗号:技能)或加入facebook群组:Skill Sharing Bay Area 湾区技能交换。 想学冲浪,想学摄影,想学唱歌,想学油画,想学瑜伽,想学手工,想学乐器,想学舞蹈,想学各种运动,有太多想学习而不知道如何下手的技能了!!! 那就用你的技能来交换吧! 或者那些在小时候想学的,却由于种种原因放弃;或者你会的技能,因为某种原因,却闲置起来。 为何不交换呢? 给别人,也给自己一个学习的机会。 什么是技能交换? 技能就是自己懂得的任何知识(如:日本园艺、计算机语言)、技巧(如:打篮球、玩魔方、打麻将)、经验(如:如何养小狗、怎样找工作)、服务(如:鉴定宝石、聚会策划)。这包含知识、经验、服务、智慧、创意、技巧,等等等等。也就是除了物品以外你可以想到的东西。 通过不同技能持有者的互相指导、学习,最终达到技能交换的目的。

at Campbell
Campbell Park Basket Ball Courts , Gilman Ave,
Campbell, United States

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