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Horse racing is an equestrian sport, popular since the early Roman times. The word 'equestrianism' is derived from the Latin word 'equester', meaning horseman. It can broadly be described as the skill of driving or riding horses and includes use of horses for various purposes. Horses are not merely trained and ridden in competitive sports and non competitive recreational activities but also for practical work purposes such as patrolling.

Competitive sports like reining, tent pegging, polo, vaulting, rodeo, endurance riding and eventing are just a few competitive equestrian sports enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. Equids such as horses, mules and donkeys are also used for recreational purposes such as trail riding, fox hunting and hacking. Besides this, horses are also commonly used for therapeutic purposes. Horses are very often used in horse shows and various other exhibitions also. They are still used in public services like mounted search and rescue teams.

Horse racing games have always caught the fancy of the young and old alike. PC horse racing game are an instant hit with horse lovers of all ages. You will find a wide assortment of different types of PC horse racing game in the market today.
Horse racing is almost always associated with gambling. While there exists a great variety of horse racing games, some of the under saddle ones include Steeplechasing, American Quarter Horse racing, endurance riding, Ride and Tie as well as Thoroughbred horse racing. Thoroughbred horse racing, also more commonly known as 'flat racing' is regulated by the Jockey Club in UK. Horse racing in the USA is governed by the Jockey Club of North America.

Steeplechasing refers to horses racing on a race track while also jumping over obstacles. It is very popular in UK and is also known as National Hunt racing. The Ride and Tie race is conducted by the Ride and Tie Association and comprises three equal partners. While one of the partners is the horse, the other two remaining ones are riders. The riders have to alternately, run and ride in the race. You can enjoy playing such games virtually if you buy a PC horse racing game or you can also download horse racing games.

Aaron is a content writer for Horse Racing Simulation LLC. He has participated in various forums and written in various blogs about horses and their breeds.
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