Breast cancer: causes and prevention

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Cancer has always been one of our current major diseases. In fact, in the latest report from Reuters, the number of patients infected with the disease increased by 8.2 million in 2012. One of the major cancer diseases is reported to be breast cancer.

In the United States alone, patients with this disease have been found to have reached 697,020, and these patients are both male and female. The main cause of these diseases is the change in people's lifestyles.

What is the cause of breast cancer?

Doctors and doctors still know nothing about the exact cause of the disease. However, they have several possible reasons why a person will develop the disease. These include:

  • Growing older from

     – The older a woman is, the higher the risk of illness

  • Genetics from

     – Women with close relatives of breast or ovarian cancer are more likely to contract this cancer.

However, most breast cancer patients are not hereditary. Women with the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are at much higher risk for breast and/or ovarian cancer. These genes can be inherited. TP53 is another gene that is also associated with greater breast cancer risk.

  • Previous breast cancer patients
  • Have had some types of breast lumps from


  • Intensive breast tissue
  • Estrogen exposure
  • obesity
  • height
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Radiation exposure
  • HRT [hormone replacement therapy]
  • Cosmetic implant

Since there is no specific cause of breast cancer, it is best to find a way to prevent breast cancer. Here are some of the possible ways you can prevent infections.

1. from

exercise from

 – Providing proper exercise as part of everyday life is nothing more important than this.

2. from

diet from

 – Keep your health healthy with the proper diet.

3. from

Taking supplements from

 – There are many herbal supplements on the market that have a good effect or benefit on our body. In order to prevent cancer, they must receive supplements that contain high ORAC values ​​or supplements that contain large amounts of antioxidants. There are many antioxidant supplements on the market today, including:

– Gluthatione

– Mangosteen

– Moringa

– 枸杞

– Acai berry

– Maqui Berry

To sum up, if we can only build our immune system with antioxidants, we can prevent cancer. Antioxidant-rich foods are included in:

  1. Small red bean

  2. Wild blueberry

  3. Red kidney beans

  4. Pinto

  5. Cranberr

  6. artichoke

  7. blackberries

  8. prune

  9. raspberry

  10. Strawberry

After listing all of these fruits, it is best to take at least one of them or include them in our daily food regimen.

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