Bowling in the White House basement


Bowling in the White House basement

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  1. Siba Smith Siba Smith

    We all know that the guy invited him was Roman!

  2. cjmeme cjmeme

    4:44 papa bless.

  3. mr loose dingo mr loose dingo

    I don't think his son is sad I just think he is shy and doesn't want to be on the videos

  4. Qemajl Osmani Qemajl Osmani

    Did someone noticed, behind Casey, The Godfather movie on tv ?!

  5. Ruby Ruby

    illuminati confirmed

  6. JollyExecutioner Wilhelm JollyExecutioner Wilhelm

    can I get some help please

  7. Greene's photography Greene's photography

    only you my friend

  8. Sneaky Stauncher Sneaky Stauncher

    Papa bless

  9. styner3 styner3

    I'm not calling you a liar, but you are not bowling in the basement of the White House. There are two bowling alleys at the WH, you are bowling in the basement of the OEOB building next to the WH. That alley was used a lot by Nixon. Around 1996 if I remember correctly Brunswick actually installed/donated new lanes that are actually in the basement of the WH. You have to walk down a narrow ramp/hallway to get to it by the WH kitchen. Still cool though, the picture of Nixon is him bowling in the alley you were in, the picture of Obama is in the new alley. I'm retired Secret Service in case you wondered how do I know this. I actually bowled in a league in the one you were in called the White House Bowling League in 1995 before it was remodeled. Hope this doesn't dampen how you feel about your trip.

  10. BurckiBowler300 BurckiBowler300

    anybody that is interested in watching more bowling i have just created a new channel for bowling and i have a goal of getting 100 subs by the summer time anybody wanna help me out?

  11. Elena Zhukova Elena Zhukova

    Hey I love your videos and this is my moms account I want to start a YouTube channel any tips

  12. SonicBomber SonicBomber

    nice vlogging music

  13. Aashish Shrestha Aashish Shrestha

    this sloth/snail hybrid due surely licked hilary's pussy so hard. but too bad, it didn't pay off. better luck next time dude. with 7 million subscriber he thinks that he can influence people against a billionaire. are you comedy me??
    casey , pin this comment if it is true


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