Book Review – role in the attack and what can you do – Author: Carl Sommer

How to resist the attacks on personality in today's society

Getting rid of the core values ​​established by our country has produced a moral decline in our country. Carl Sommer attributed this decline to the fact that this character was attacked in our country. In his new book, "The Role of Attack and What You Can Do," Carl Sommer considers the spirit of the American founder based on the current violent crime climate, the increase in prison population, and the philosophical and cultural wars that raged during the war. . Political stage.

Sommer observed that for some time Americans were proud of their moral heritage. In recent years, values ​​have been eroded, which has had a serious impact on our schools and society. Sommer cites the views of scholars, philosophers, educators, politicians, and theologians to review their re-emphasis on character plans and traditional values ​​in school curricula.

Sommer talks about the four keys to a successful school. He introduced four model schools that are effectively making this distinction. He then provides “action steps” for educators, parents and citizens to influence positive outcomes.

Sommer wrote a real concern about the direction of American education. To a certain extent, he pointed out how publishers and his book critics are understated, unfairly criticized, or neglected the importance of his published works, which were widely read, highly acclaimed and received by others. Praise. He clearly expressed his concern about this issue and spoke to millions of Americans.

The "playing role" has been thoroughly studied and fully documented.


This book is both timely and important and should be read by each relevant parent, school administrator, librarian and our elected official.

As the Midwest Book Review commented.

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