Book Review: Professor Charlotte Bronte

The professor was the first book of Charlotte Bronte, written between 1845 and June, but until 1857, two years after her death, and her most famous work, Jane Eyre, was published for ten years. Only after publication. Although it is not useful for a new review of a famous classic, it is interesting to record these points from a modern perspective. Starting with the professor, it is clear that the young Charlotte Bronte has an amazing fluency and breath, but she writes a fascinating innocence and a seemingly narrow experience.

The protagonist is a young man, William Crimworth. If the young female writer can create a real male mind, then she must immediately know. In Jane Eyre, the author is clearly more successful with the female heroine. Although heterosexual William Crimsworth has a particularly clear vision of members of fair sex. How much is due to the conventions of this period and the inevitable lack of insight by the author is impossible.

All the important figures in the "Professor" are described in detail in terms of physical appearance and grace, but attention is given to the interpretation of the shape of the head through the pseudoscience of the phrenology, which was very popular during the period before the book was written, but It has been affected since then. sweep the floor. Miss Blount’s tendency to discern nationalism from her mind is also unacceptable in the modern world. However, this is not a severe criticism because all authors risk the scientific knowledge to be replaced in the next few years.

Some characters seem to have such extreme nature and are unbelievable. Anyone can be as ruthless and cruel as William's brother Edward, or as detached as Mr. Huntsden, tempered, omniscient? Extreme comics can enhance drama and conspiracy, such as Sherlock Holmes, but there may be many in a novel. Miss Bronte's female characters, Frances Henry and Zollard Reuters, are completely credible and can be used as creative trust in the female mind.

William Crimsworth earned a living as an English teacher. Although he needs a TEFL certificate today, he seems to be qualified for the job and successfully executed. William speaks fluent French and reports a lot of conversations in this language. Miss Blount seems to expect her readers to have at least some basic knowledge. It is speculated that her savvy aristocratic Victorian readers can tolerate this amount of French, but many modern readers may find the use of such foreign languages ​​annoying. However, it is remarkable that the English language has remained almost unchanged for nearly one hundred and seventy years, and the professor will continue to read and enjoy for a long time after that, and most other comments are forgotten.

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