Book Review – Josh Hamilton's "Beyond Faith"

Josh Hamilton is a true success story. He already has everything, hit the lowest point, and now he really returns to the top of the mountain. As a boy, he became interested in baseball at an early age and performed so well in the game that he was placed in an older league before he was ten. He has such a strong arm and a strong swing that he is considered a danger to boys of his age because he has played minor league baseball.

As he grew older, he inherited the strong morality that parents instilled when he was a little boy. He was told that the family is the most important thing in life, and when his friends went out to take risks, they were happy when they stayed at home in the night. He entered high school and immediately began to realize that he had great league potential and became the target of entering the big league. After graduating from high school, his dream came true, and he won the first place in the Major League draft and accepted a prize and bonus of more than four million dollars.

Hamilton's transition to a star and becoming a man is embarrassing. His parents followed him through the minor league to make sure he was in trouble, and some of his teams and coaches found it strange. He has been received all his life, and now in his work, they are still sheltering him.

When his parents finally let him fall into freedom, Hamilton began to show suspicious behavior. He received more than a dozen tattoos in a short period of time and began experimenting with drugs with men who tattooed. Hamilton encountered a landslide and began to make more and more drugs. Part of the reason is the feeling of the drug, but the drug also reminds him of the back pain he encountered in a car accident.

Josh Hamilton began to wander around with the wrong crowd. He began to become paranoid about buying drugs and spending a lot of money to get hard drugs. Because he consumed a lot of drugs, he fainted in a random trailer and stunned many times, but always had the love of his family and the talent of baseball to get him back to the light.

He used to go to his grandmother's house in the middle of the night, she is responsible for changing her life. She keeps claiming that he will once again play baseball with reassuring confidence. She gave him all the food he could eat and gave him a place to sleep. Josh quickly gained weight and began to think that baseball's comeback was a good possibility; but he didn't know who would want to give a dilapidated drug addict another chance.

Hamilton found his answer in a religious baseball group, forcing him to perform cleaning work during the day to gain field and ball cage practice in the evening. He noticed that he still had an amazing swing and weight training and he quickly returned to his best.

Josh knew the right people at the right place at the right time and was summoned by the Cincinnati Red Major League. He immediately had an impact, but was always traded to the Texas Rangers. In the Ranger organization, he started every game and became the All-Star team. He proved that he always has his own swing; he just needs to work in the right direction to achieve his true potential.

One thing that comes from Beyond Belief is that the family is the most important thing a person will have. Sometimes you may not notice it, but it is easy to get lost in a world without family and to ensure that someone is there to serve you. Fortunately, Josh Hamilton, his parents and wife insisted on him throughout his addiction and recovery process. It turns out that his wife is an amazing woman, and his grandmother shows the power that others can't. If you like baseball, this autobiography is a good reading. Hamilton's story is an amazing success story that allows you to enjoy the family and lead a healthy life. The book was rated 5 points out of 5 points.

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