Blake Griffin Trains with Track & Field Champ Carmelita Jeter | The Crossover: Part 2


  1. DeMar DeGoatzen DeMar DeGoatzen

    its so cool to see athletes respect and appreciate other athletes! plus u can learn a thing or 2 you never knew

  2. Cano Cano

    i like her! i did a few exercises she showed us there in my sprint video

  3. usesmx06 usesmx06

    Nice. My old high school. Birmingham High School in the San Fernando Valley.

  4. Antonia Jones Antonia Jones

    My old high school! I loved Birmingham senior high school! Great times there.

  5. Kweg Kweg

    They should have a NBA track meet

  6. Darryn Ouk Darryn Ouk

    Says he wants a long and healthy career, 00:15 shows up at track with a Red Bull

  7. Youngsavage Youngsavage

    She says "lets get to work" and he says "thank you"

    Blake might actually be retarded

  8. 111WWEEBB 111WWEEBB

    She's obviously an extremely accomplished sprinter, but she doesn't know jack shit about coaching how to sprint. When she's telling him to stay up and big when he starts jogging, that's the opposite of what you want when you're accelerating from a slow pace or stopped position into something increasingly quicker. You're low and keep your center of mass closer to the ground and slightly leading you for your first couple of steps until you then straighten up and keep your stride long and open. That and don't tell someone to drop their chin when they're sprinting because then they'll overcompensate with putting their head down and put unnecessary stress on their neck and shoulders from being to tight. Instead, you just have to say something as simple as "keep your head straight".

  9. Michael Abrham Michael Abrham

    6'9 or 6'10?

  10. Leonard Tough Leonard Tough

    he's not that quick is he

  11. mike lopez mike lopez

    This is at my school.

  12. Ron Jeremy Ron Jeremy

    I need this girl as my teacher. I be taking a math test and she's like "BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM 7'2 7'2 7'2"


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