Billiards – How to clean billiards

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Your friends have begun to find an excuse for your home, because they don't like the look of a pool table without shiny colored balls. What would you do? You will follow a simple cleaning technique and immediately make them look like new ones.

You need a wax to clean your billiards. There are many brands of waxes and cleaners on the market dedicated to this purpose. Go find a wax made for billiards. If you use any other type, it will leave a residue on your tablecloth. Choose the best cleaning performance.

Clean the ball with a dry cloth. If this is not enough and the ball still looks serious, clean them with soap and water. The next step is to apply the cleaners you buy from the market. Just follow the instructions on the package. Allow the ball to dry after cleaning. The next step is to apply wax.

You can also try to wash your billiards…

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