Billiards and Algebra, Hand and Hand

Einstein used mathematics to explain relativity between light, mass and energy. Now it is doubtful that you will be preforming such equations that Einstein did, but you can learn how to use simple geometry and algebra to better your game in billiards.

Billiards is a complicated sport, for the last five hundred years it has been modified and developed to make it more challenging for the players, ever since King Louis the 14th. Back when the king had a janky version of croquet turned into an indoor game things were a lot different.

Now the sticks and the balls are all made to exact proportions and the rails (sides of the table) all have cushions. Around the table are dots that mark positioning; these dots are going to be extremely useful when determining your shot.

For regular straight canon shots and compound shots the dots really won't be necessary, but for bank shots and kick shots it is imperative that you figure these dots into your shot. When using these there are specific equations that will work to maximize accuracy.

Bank shots are when you play the object ball of the rail, and kick shots are when you play the object ball of the rail. It is more common to play bank shots rather than kick shots.

The first method to learn is the mirror method. This is a basic method that will help you get used to rebound shots.

Look at the position of the object ball and now pretend that the rail is a mirror. Imagine a reflection of equal distance from the rail on the opposite side of the object ball.

Now draw a line straight from your cue ball to the reflection ball; this is going to give you the proper angle in which to hit the intended object ball. This method works best with shallow shots that do not have very wide angles.

Another good method is the parallel line shot. Measure the distance between the intended object ball and the cue ball and find the center point.

Draw an imaginary line from the center point to the spot on the rail directly above the object ball. What this has done is created the exact angle you want to hit the cue ball at.

There are many other ways to use equations and tricks when hitting bank shots. The best method is to learn as many tricks as you can.

Some will be more effective for others, simply because you cannot pull out a protractor and a ruler and start figure mathematical equations while in the game. Learn the methods that work best for you.

Destry Masterson is a fitness and recreational expert. She has written articles about exercise and recreation and also writes Spencer Marston Tuscany pool table review.

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