Best Biking Destination or Mountain Biking In Himalayas

Mountain biking sports are popular among the people in the foreign countries there is no doubt in that. However, this adventure sport is gaining popularity among the Indian adventure sports lovers. This is because India is the home for some of the best hiking destination. In the majestic Himalayas there are several scenic hiking routes that offer bikers with an extravagant experience of Mountain Biking in Himalayas. In addition, hiking in the Himalayas can be tough as most of the trail is rugged and rough along with high altitudes, dangerous pits and rigid climatic conditions. This adds to the thrill and spin of the expedition. The nature itself provides the bikers with conditions that put their enthusiasm to the mettle. Apart from the natural conditions bikers face in Himalayas there are several other factors which are required to factor, in order to conquer the expedition. This simply adds to the G force levels of the adventurist and has their own story to tell.

States and regions:

A major part of the north eastern region of India falls under the mighty Himalayan range that makes these regions best suited for biking and several other adventure sports. If the biker is has set out on a biking expedition in Himalayas, they have several trial choices to look at. Himalayan range covers a number of states in the north eastern frontier. The prominent regions of trekking and mountain biking are the Garhwal, Himachal, Ladakh and Sikkim. Among the first three regions, Ladakh offers the best trail for trekking, hiking and mountain biking. The route is rough and rugged; it has scarce population that makes this trial the one of the best mountain biking destination the northern region. The entire route is mapped in a circular manner that starts from the capital of Ladakh, Hyamnya, Karzok, and Upshi, the bikers can end their journey in to Leh. The entire landscape is offers a serene view to the bikers.

Another great spot for mountain biking in the country is the state of Sikkim, It is bikers’ dream to have a Mountain Biking expedition in Sikkim, fantastic weather conditions, serene ambience, easy trials, Himalayan range all adds to the adrenalin level of the Mountain bikers. Sikkim is also home to some of the highest peaks in the country, including the highest peak in India i.e. Kanchenjunga. The flip side: bikers’, who go on for Mountain Biking in Sikkim, may face severe climatic conditions along with the worst possible mountainous terrain that requires both determination of mind and fitness of body, in order to complete the expedition. Those who have it will want to bike in Sikkim and all are Welcome.

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