Belly Dancing Clothes – Be Fashionable In These Unique, Beautiful And Colorful Costumes

Belly dancing clothes are a fashionable way to celebrate Halloween. These outfits have unique, beautiful and colorful designs.

Belly dancing clothes or belly dancing costumes, as the name suggests, are garments worn by belly dancers. Belly dance is a type of dance in which every part of the body is involved, though the most featured body part is usually the belly and hips.

Belly dance is sometimes called Middle Eastern dance or Arabic dance as it originated from the Middle East. Such traditional dance has evolved now, both in costume and dance style.

Since belly dance takes many different forms depending on country and region, there are also different types of belly dancing clothes. The most common belly dancing clothes is comprised of a fitted top or bra, a fitted hip belt, and a skirt or harem pants. Such belly dancing clothes is called “bedlah”, which is Arabic for suit.

The foundation of the belly dancing costumes is the bra and the belt. The fitted top or bra as well as the fitted hip belt are usually made with a fringe of beads or coins. These garments may also be richly decorated with sequins, braid and embroidery. The hip belt, which is a broad piece of fabric, may be a separate piece worn low on the hips or it can be sewn into a skirt.

There are many variations for harem pants. The classic harem pants are full and gathered at the ankle. Harem pants are sometimes worn together with a sheer skirt. Skirts used in belly dancing are usually made of multiple layers of one color sheer fabric chiffon.

The designs for belly dance costume are divided into several styles. Among these styles, the three most popular belly dancing clothes are Egyptian, Turkish and American styles.

Egyptian belly dancing clothes

Egyptian belly dancing clothes is comprised of a gown or skirt, a fringed bra, separate sleeves and veil. A matching bra and belt, which can be worn over a variety of different skirts, are often used. A long, figure-hugging lycra one-piece gown is sometimes worn under the top and bra. It usually has strategically placed cut-outs filled in with sheer, flesh-colored fabric. A sheer body stocking may also be worn to cover the midsection.

Turkish belly dancing clothes

Turkish belly dancing clothes contain three or four pieces which include a bra and a two or three piece belt with a skirt and veil. The skirt may or may not be attached to the belt. Many Turkish belly dancing costumes reflect the playful, flirty style of Turkish belly dance. Some, especially the earlier Turkish belly dancing costumes include skirts designed to display both legs up to the hip, and plunging bras.

American belly dancing clothes

The American style of belly dancing clothes often comprised of an accessorized top or bra, which is usually decorated with coins and metalwork. They also include belt, harem pants or long skirt. Sheer harem pants or skirts are used rather than tight lycra. Sometimes, a veil is used. It may also include a fringed headband.

There are other belly dancing clothes such as the Lebanese type, the oriental and tribal belly dance clothes.

Lebanese belly dancing clothes include sheer and skimpy skirt, bra and hip belt. A matching veil is also worn.

Oriental belly dancing clothes include several pieces. This type of belly dancing clothes is designed with a bra and one-piece belt, a veil and a skirt, which may or may not be attached to the belt.

Another variety is the tribal belly dance clothes which include elaborate headdresses and turbans, tribal jewellery, and layered skirts. Also an essential part is the exotic make-up and face decoration.

Belly dancing clothes are meticulously crafted. These garments are designed to stand out.

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