Belly Dance Class – Private or Public

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Belly dance classes can be held at home or in public classes in dance studios, schools and university campuses, women's organizations and community centres.

There are online belly dance courses, DVD, video and TV dance guides. You can learn a lot with these tools. However, when you become a more serious Middle Eastern dance student, you are more willing to take a formal course with a famous coach. When you use these technical assistants to review different types of belly dancing, you will be able to narrow down the list and know exactly which style is right for your interests and abilities.

Classroom opportunities include:

1. A private meeting at home, equipped with electronic equipment for DVD, video and TV shows, or a private dance instructor.

2. Public classrooms for group guidance in schools, community centers, belly dance schools, dance clubs and other dance studios.

The benefits of attending a belly dance class at home are…

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