Basic Leadership Choice: Rhetoric and VIABLE Solutions

After more than forty years of participation, in almost all aspects of leadership, from identification, qualification and training, to development, consulting and personal services, as leaders, at various scales and purposes, I have come firmly I believe that one of the main obstacles to distinguishing between real leaders and others is whether individuals use only populist remarks to make empty promises while safely staying within the limits of his comfort zone, or acting like a true leader and look at the bigger picture and seek a from

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The solution is based on meaningful strategies and action plans. With this in mind, this article will try to use the mnemonic method to briefly, consider, review and discuss what it means, what it stands for, and why it matters.

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Vision; value; value: from

Until/unless, individuals focus on the values ​​of the ingredients and provide real value, can anyone think of themselves and become a leader? A true leader advances in a vision, in things, in ways that can and in a way that is possible, not just in pursuit of least resistance! Only when/if their actions are focused on providing the best, relevant, sustainable solutions, rather than looking for a simple solution, a person is not a true leader!

2. from

Integrity; problem; imagination; intention; interest: from

One of them can be done in absolute integrity, either to solve related problems or to have a relevant, sustainable imagination, otherwise he will never become a true leader! Before pursuing any leadership position, check your personal intent and whether you are ready, willing and/or able to emphasize the best interests that represent and represent you!

3. from

Attitude; qualification; note: from

A person must have real, positive, competent, attitude, and develop relevant abilities in order to be able to pay attention and advance in the best way.

4. from

Faith; interest; best: from

Is your personal belief consistent with the best way to provide your voters with the benefits they need and what they need?

5. from

Listen; learn; lead; see: from

Are you willing and able to listen effectively, far more than what you say, and consistently learn from each conversation, experience, and continue to learn accordingly? Adhering to this leadership approach will consistently help you focus on the bigger picture!

6. from

Sympathy; focus; power; excellence; endurance: from

The true leader demonstrates true empathy and concentrates accordingly! This will help motivate your voters and help you to pursue true excellence. This usually requires commitment and endurance, not the same – old, same – and so on!

True leader seeking from

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Solution, not empty words! Can you complete the task?

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