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  1. Wigan Bin Mon Wigan Bin Mon

    is Barcelona a safe place to go by yourself, i wanna go but i've nobody to go with i find it a bit daunting !!!

  2. Paul78bcn Paul78bcn

    A disaster of Video… Flamenco in Barcelona? Please, come on!, And Sagrada Familia is not Barcelona Cathedral…

  3. Joan Garrallà Joan Garrallà

    So many mistakes in a 2 min clip! WTF Lonely Planet is known to be an excellent travel guide company. First, what the hell are you using that music as background!? That is flamenco or whatever, and it is from the South of Spain not from Catalonia. It is like playing celt music with bagpipes and so on in a video showing London (ok, Scotland is in the UK but London doesn't have same culture!). Second, you show flamenco and again this is not our culture but from the south (it is nice, but not from Barcelona) here we have other dances like Sardana and other shows like the human towers or Castells. Third, when they mention the Gothic architecture the image they use it's from the Cathedral of Barcelona not Santa Maria del Mar church as they say. Fourth, Sagrada Família is not a cathedral but a Basilica since around 2010 (and a former Temple or church). There is only one Cathedral in the city and it is not the Sagrada Família. Fifth, when they talk about the Barceloneta neighborhood the images are from Plaça Reial, which is in the Gothic Quarter. To sum up, what a shitty video!! Really disappointing and makes me believe that the other clips from other towns are as inaccurate as this one. Hope your guides are not the same.

  4. Anton Kider Anton Kider

    What a pitty Lonely Planet ! So many mistakes and the city is not even right in the map. Be honest, you haven't been there, have you ?

  5. Rose Nguyễn Rose Nguyễn

    Hi, guys. I am going to present about Barcelona, but I am not good at English so all guys can help me write down the subtitle to help me understand easier about this location.

  6. Lonely Planet Lonely Planet

    Rich in culture and bold with Catalan flair, #Barcelona is one of Europe's great cultural powerhouses. From tapas to architecture, here we round up the city's highlights:


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  8. SHM 99 SHM 99

    Barcelona and Catalonia are not Andalusia!

  9. Christian Schindler Christian Schindler

    I totally agree with Dídac.

  10. Eliran I Eliran I

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