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Young ballerinas often give up comments in a casual way, referring to their self-esteem. Whether it's a body image problem, a perfect problem, a weight control problem, or a slightly frustrated lack of energy, they either don't come out and they really can't articulate the problem. Recently, when I started reading articles about hypoglycemia and blood sugar balance, I began to link my symptoms to many of the statements I've heard.

I am more interested in hypoglycemia and sometimes subtle symptoms because I talked to non-dancers and talented performers in another field. This person has performed in many countries and has been promoted by all teachers, but he cannot accept the praise of teachers or peers, or the enthusiasm of fans, because – she just can't.

This person's lack of self-esteem makes me confused. Did a person win the top state award for performances in high school? It's like winning a ballet match for the Blue Jays or Swan Lake couple dance.

A disordered diet is most broadly defined as the act of controlling emotional outcomes by controlling what you eat. This does not necessarily mean anorexia or bulimia, but may refer to the self-control or self-approval of the food you eat, the calorie content, which applies not only to dancers.

This may involve an extreme situation, such as a teenager who insists on being a vegetarian. I have witnessed the result of this dancer's stress fracture. He still believes she can become stronger and have a career on pointe. In ballet, she looks at her X-rays.

I recently looked at hypoglycemia and its symptoms. This is tricky now. The symptoms are almost unique to the individual. But according to what I have read, the main symptoms are:

  • sad
  • Self-criticism
  • despair
  • Absolutely no self-worth feelings
  • Periodically complete depletion of energy, dizziness, insanity
  • The idea of ​​suicide does not have enough energy to think further

Hypoglycemia is… drums… blood sugar is too low!

It is caused by protein deficiency or lack of food.

Hypoglycemia does not mean that you have diabetes or almost diabetes. More succinctly referred to as reactive hypoglycemia, this is a disease caused by a poor diet or for any reason that it is not possible to eat regularly. Or eat too many carbohydrates that don't have enough protein.

The most common recommendation for hypoglycemia is to eat some protein every two hours.

In addition, I would like to mention the nutritionist's rules that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. why? Protein sets a day for your brain chemicals. Skip those, if you happen to eat protein for breakfast, your brain chemicals will not function until the next day.

Dancing parents read this – How often do your dancing daughters or dancing sons go out because they sleep late and don't eat breakfast?

What do they eat when they go to the school food dispenser? Or will they go hungry until they go to the school cafeteria for lunch? For non-athlete students, this is a tragic situation, not to mention ballet dancers or any other athlete.

Later when they ran to their ballet school? You are one of the ballet parents who have to hear "I am not so good"… "I am not good enough"… even worse? The ballet teacher tells you that your child should aim at a higher goal – audition professional summer intensive course?

Confused? Let me be free. Hypoglycemia at http://benjimester.hubpages.com – No diabetes is an eye-opening discussion. It is worth reading the entire post.

Personally, I think hypoglycemia is caused by the following reasons:

  • Lack of education about nutrition
  • Processing, fast food, frozen food
  • Not enough time to provide fresh food, indicating nutritious food
  • Sugar addiction [nutrition ignorance]
  • Ignorance of cereals, genetically modified grains, gelatin and genetically modified sugar

And, unfortunately, I can't cover it here. However, if your dancing child or anyone in your family has any energy or depression problems – but not enough to consult your doctor [may not receive any nutrition education] or therapist, please investigate hypoglycemia. This is a sinister situation – but it can be reversed by a good diet!

This is not difficult. I really don't want to hear any more, ballet dancers or any other performing artist who feels depressed, depressed, sad or desperate about their talents or potential when they don't know where all these negativity comes from. They don't eat, eat nutritious snacks, low blood sugar…

I really don't want to hear anymore. A sad, frustrated ballet parent, his magical genius child failed, sank, didn't even step on the water, suffered from body image problems, or self-esteem problems, and considered quitting smoking or even committing suicide. In order to lack a nutritional balance.

This may require a lot of extra food for the ballet parents! If you are still reading this article, I bet you are British. Then, just then.

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