Baking Is A Slice Of Cake

As a child, I’ve always watched my mother cook different dishes at home. I would know that there’s an upcoming occasion because I could smell something good is cooking in our kitchen. She would always cook pasta, meat stews and other local delicacies that we would make us really excited because of the flavorful aroma that the air inside our home brings when she cooks.

I have always already been curios how her dishes tend to be made and I prefer to be able to cook something like that when I grow up. My grandmother will also cook similar dishes to what my mother makes but I think my mother’s cooking tastes better. Maybe since we got used to it and my grandmother’s way of cooking is very traditional as in comparison with my mom’s modern approach with all the brand new different kinds of components. I assumed to myself that I would want to cook something better to impress my mother and my grandmother when I am old enough.

As I was growing up, I’ve managed to get numerous instructions and tricks from my mother when she cooks something. There aren’t any secret recipes or virtually any secret herbs and spices that she uses. It’s all in the technique how you cook it. Patience really pays off when you’re cooking an excellent meal simply because you simply can’t hurry it up while you want it to come out virtually perfectly. That also applies so much more on baking. You cannot just mix your cake batter just as much as you want because you will be pushing a bunch of air into your cake batter and it will come out too flat or too fluffy. You can’t force your cookies to come out in the oven immediately because you are too impatient to taste how they are. All you can do it wait and to make sure that you time the baking process according to the instructions.

Baking is so much different from cooking a meal. When you cook your meals, you can add more spices to taste if it is a little bland or you could just add more ingredients or more water if it tastes too strong. In baking, everything needs to be calculated and all the ingredients should be measured exactly as it is indicated in the recipe. If you’re baking bread and you put in too much flour in it, it can either be too hard to eat or too crumby to slice. If you put a little too much water in the dough, it might turn out like a soggy and tasteless cake. It’s really hard to experiment on baking unlike cooking.

Given the fact that baking is too complicated for me, I’ve really found my niche in baking due to the fact it gives me a special feeling of accomplishment if the pastry you’ve baked turns out extremely well and anyone appreciates it so much more. I’ve managed to master the art of baking cookies and brownies and I will be able to say that baking is so much easier than you thought if only you possess the drive to go for the effects that you desire to attain.

I know that the outcome in your first attempts can be disappointing but if at first you get a flat, tasteless piece of bread, don’t worry because you are on the right track. The next thing you know, you are already making your way in the pastry industry and you’ll say that it’s just a piece of cake.

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