Australian coast Destination Guide

Australia is one of the most attractive places in the world. It has an extensive range in types of splendour, form beaches to deserts. The beaches in Australia are awesome. With clear blue waters and marvellously clean sand, you can snorkel, scuba, swim or surf at these startling sites. These in reality make Australia one of the most sought after destinations for beach aficionados. Here are some great beaches:

1. Gold Coast, Queensland: While it can be difficult to get an apartment in the peak tourism times, you should surely strive and book one in advance to get one in close propinquity to the beach. Last year more than ten million people swarmed to the Gold Coast, so it is no astonish that apartments get booked speedily. There are several things to do here, including parasailing, swimming, surfing and sun tanning.

2. Noosa, Queensland: This is the coast to be on during the March months. It is just right for surfing at this time of year, which is why fervent surfers from all over assemble here at this time making it complex to get a place to live. This is one of the few coasts in the country that faces north, and has several attractions to present in addition to surfing.

3. Port Douglas, Queensland: Another beach that is very crowded during the peak season, make sure you book your accommodation in advance. There are many things to see here, including the Great Barrier Reef, so this is the place to go if you want to do some sightseeing. The temperatures are great for sunbathing all year round, so you can enjoy this beach at any time of the year.

4. Byron Bay, New South Wales: Once the rains start all over the country, Byron Bay is the place to go to for its white sandy beaches and relaxed atmosphere. You can book a place here during the season, and have a very peaceful time in this totally hippy place. You can take part in different activities here, from sunning on the beach to hiking up the cliffs and watching whales and dolphins on the horizon. You can also parasail, glide, surf and scuba here.

5. Jervis Bay, New South Wales: Parts of this bay is a protected national park, and it is stunningly beautiful. You need to plan your vacation very early if this is where you want to be during the peak season as it is very popular for Christmas and New Years.

This is one of the most sought after destinations on the Southern Coast of Australia. It is just a few hours’ drive from Sydney, and is superb destination to be at if you are in Sydney because you can make a weekend tour of it. Trendy activities here are surfing, diving, trekking, as well as sea kayaking.

These were only some admired beach spots in the stunning country of Australia if that is where you are headed for your next holiday. Make certain you reserve in advance, as lodgings at each of these is restricted and fills up quick.

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