Ariana Grande European Concert Tour & Refund Information! We Love You Ariana!


  1. Texas Shrugged Book Texas Shrugged Book

    Awesome approach man, even if just a few of her zombies stop to think for just a minute. It all adds up.

  2. TheTruthIsSweet TheTruthIsSweet

    Re: Grande upcoming concert, Katy 38D Perry is performing. She was on Ellen DeGenerate show last year showering love to an Orlando crisis actor on the show (wipes away tear….). The concert is Sun. Don't you think ISIS would love to bomb that concert, lol? imagine if they tried to stage an event on Sun based on a staged event. Hopefully Gemma's mom is able to watch this video. She can then rephrase her comments from 'trolls' to 'govt. perps'.

  3. Russhill Brand Russhill Brand

    havent watched yet, but i know this one is going to be a 10/10

  4. mazz knight mazz knight

    Look at the sidebar of the Samantha Shrewsbury story from The Mirror .. an article "RECOMMENDED" for YOU "Washington Police Departments Urge Residents To Carry Flashlights With Them At All Times" ….it is more FEAR, FEAR, FEAR propaganda from mainstream media. Mainstream media and your government want you to be frightened, and for you to believe you are not safe. They are instilling fear and they brainwash you to believe you are NEVER safe and need to RELY on the government to keep you safe. This fear propaganda is everywhere in the media … it is now more popularly known as, and more correctly so as "fear porn". Your government WANTS you to be frightened, and wants you to be frightened ALL the time.

  5. Fredrik Montelius Fredrik Montelius

    The name Ariana Grande probably is just an artist persona name, anyway. Has she got another real name?

  6. Pinche Pendejo Pinche Pendejo

    open you checkbooks for . . . . god  .. .  .. . . send billions to the churches so they can brainwash billions

  7. Zep Tepi Zep Tepi

    So much for not letting the terrorists win.

  8. PrioroftheOri0013 PrioroftheOri0013

    For the slower thinkers who are curious on how would they pull of a false flag / hoax without anyone noticing just ask yourself how do David Copperfield, Dynamo or Troy perform their tricks in front of your eyes? By distractions and illusions.

  9. RadMc02 RadMc02

    Thanks for the vid HISI!

  10. Broad Sword Broad Sword

    Time for a truth bomb? Variety channel – Salma Hayek reacts to Ariana Grande attack in Manchestar, UK – Cannes 2017 –

  11. Terra Plana Terra Plana

    robin, hate to say this, but what mother would let a 12 year old both dress and make herself up to look older like that? The people that used the image are despicable, and I am sure they used it for their own evil purposes. To perpetuate this hoax and continue to do more harm, is something I will never understand!

  12. Mike Jones Mike Jones

    Is this worse than the Nice, France bloodless truck??

  13. Broad Sword Broad Sword

    Most of the images on the victim wall are all above average to good looking. They could be on TV. There are no teens that make up the majority or cross swathe of the population. Funny that!?!

  14. Mike Jones Mike Jones

    The fucked up thing about these hoaxes is the fact that they're perfectly legal after the Smith-Mundt act got repealed in 2012..I highly doubt the UK has any laws banning propaganda….

  15. Mike Jones Mike Jones

    Robin, look at this Pulse hoax survivor….


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