Are you looking for a tennis scholarship?

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Are you a new tennis player looking for a scholarship?

If this is the case, don't read it again, take the pen and write down some notes.

Then, start taking action today and get a tennis scholarship.

"With the Internet, we must be able to communicate with each other easily, freely and quickly, so after receiving a scholarship, you can use it to get all the value."

Go, let us be busy!

Create your from

"dream list" from

 The school you want to attend.

Make sure you can play this level by the way.

Get advice from your coach and your parents, but have your own intuitive feelings about your final decision.

After creating the list.

It's time to create a player profile, write it to a document and download it to a PDF file so you can send it to the coach.

Includes all the achievements you've made in your junior career and three tips from teachers or business people.

Next, make a video.

This should be your game and practice.

Introduce yourself at the beginning of the video and thank them…

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