Archery Beginner Class – September 2017

Archery Beginner Class - September 2017
Thank you for your interst in the Cork City Archery Club beginners course. The program for the course is below. If you have any questions please email Week 1 Registration Introduction to archery Safety - First Shoot Week 2 Introduce the beginner to the correct posture for archery Week 3 Introduce the beginner to the proper bow grip and string grip and show them how to use the bow stringer Week 4 Introduce the beginner to the use of bow sights. Introduce the beginner to the concept of raising the bow and drawing to anchor properly Week 5  Introduce the beginners to the proper form of Release and Follow through Week 6 Overall review of techniques and an explanation of competition scoring,Quick talk about joining the club and buying equipment

at Nemo Rangers
Mount Vernon Crescent
Douglas, Ireland

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