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Before we delve into this issue, please take a look at the guarantee at the bottom of the page. Now you can see why we are interested in the comments of the National Automobile Museum Mint.

The National Automobile Museum Mint is a 30-year-old family-owned car company, a die-casting collection company that offers more than 2,000 die-cast classic model cars, airplanes, trucks, buses and military vehicles. Many of these cars are made exclusively by their own tools, molds and molds, and are not available anywhere else on any scale.

Mint prints at least four catalogs a year, which can be zero dollars or cents [free]. They questioned if you were unable to find what you were looking for in one of their directories or online, please contact them. [Don't be surprised if they can use their own tools, molds and molds to meet your wishes.]

Shopping through them is so simple.

They accept:



·American Express and

· Find

All check out directly through their safety. Shipping and handling vary depending on the dollar value of the order. Please note that at this time they do not ship COD and you will find that most orders are shipped from their warehouse within 48-72 hours.


One thing we haven't discussed yet is their guarantee. Let us take a look now.

The National Automobile Museum Mint fully supports their sales, which allows them to brag and say they are "the best die-casting hobby guarantee around."

This is a very bold statement, but when you think about it, if you are not completely satisfied at any time, they will buy it from you at the full purchase price.

So how long will this guarantee last?

The answer to this question is, forever

This is absolutely correct. You have not misunderstood the final statement.
We can only say this during the review. That's how we want to see a company that supports the "No Holds Barred Diecast Hobbies Lifetime Buy-back Guarantee"! Yes, it is true!

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