Allergy-friendly recipe (no eggs – no dairy – no gluten – no nuts) review

When the author Alice Sherwood received her 2-year-old son's diagnosis of nut and egg allergies, she eventually collected her own recipes because she was frustrated with the products offered on the market. Some allergy recipes try to satisfy all the allergens in each recipe – this will eventually make the recipes dull and boring. What Alice has done to her recipe in this book is to provide a basic recipe that includes one or two “big four”, eggs, dairy, gluten or nuts, and then provide a change for each recipe so you You can exclude or add ingredients for specific allergens you need to avoid.

This book has a good introduction, explaining why she wrote a cookbook, she likes food, and found that many people she knows have difficulty finding useful recipes so that the whole family can eat the same together in one or more Delicious food is allergic to or intolerant of different foods. She then continued to explain the difference between food allergy and food intolerance, described the symptoms well, and provided a quick reference chart of allergic reactions. Then, this book has a section that explains each dairy, egg, nut and gluten, and how to compensate for the lack of nutrients in your diet. Alice then continues to talk about, stay active, allergic etiquette, help allergic children, go out to eat, special occasions, travel, food around the world, shop, don't eat and your food room chapter.

Just before you enter the recipe – there is a handy quick reference chart on how to replace the ingredients with suggested alternatives and related notes and hints. There are over 100 recipes divided into: breakfast, side dishes, appetizers and light meals, fish, meat and poultry, pasta, noodles and rice, desserts, bread and baking, sauces, seasonings and accompaniment.

My favorite is her carrot cake recipe – the best I have found! This recipe book is one of my best purchases because our son was initially diagnosed with egg and peanut allergies but was later found to be gluten and dairy intolerant – so we must avoid all major four allergies original! Our second son is also allergic to eggs, I am intolerant of gluten and dairy products. Our family benefits from a diet that is gluten-free, dairy, eggs and peanuts, a book that is essential to our kitchen shelves.

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