All-Natural Products Keep Koi Ponds Fresh & Clean

If you have a koi pond and are tired of working hard to keep the water clean and fresh, your worries are over. There are several easy-to-use products that will keep the water sparkling and clean.

Bioverse offers several products that are designed specifically for fountains, ponds and bird baths. These water treatment products are all natural and require almost no work.

All of the Bioverse products have been approved by veterinarians and safe for pets, wildlife, birds and, of course, fish. They also will not harm people, so you never have to worry about handling harmful chemicals. Instead, Bioverse products use natural, beneficial bacteria to keep your water clean.

One option for your koi pond is the AquaLily dispenser, which is both attractive and functional, resembling a flower on a lily pad. A dispenser attaches to the bottom of the lily pad and all you have to do is place a bacteria packet into the dispenser, screw the dispenser onto the lily pad and place in your koi pond.

Each AquaLily bacteria packet will keep a koi pond from five to 2,500 gallons clean for up to 30 days. No further cleaning should be necessary and by simply adding a new packet each month, your koi pond should stay fresh and clean.

Another option for larger ponds is the biodegradable AquaSpherePRO. This all-natural product also lasts for up to 30 days. All you have to do is drop a sphere into your koi pond and it begins working immediately. The AquaSpherePRO safely dissolves and when 30 days are over, you simply add a new one to keep that water clean.

If you need a little extra help to combat those seasonal spikes in nutrients or water temperature, try Biosphere's Blast product. This product is safe to use in combination with both the AquaSphere and the AquaLily.

Whichever Bioverse product you choose, you can keep your koi pond clean, fresh and full of happy fish. Using Bioverse products, you cannot over treat the water.

Trey Casselman is fond of gardening and writing. To get additional info about natural koi pond cleaner or to learn about other products for ponds, check out the Bioverse site now.
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