Airbnb Rental Arbitrage vs Owning a Home – The Smarter Vacation Rental Income Model


  1. John John

    Who is this clown? Gook Kiyosaki? Con man has no clue wtf he is talking about. Listen to this clown and you will lose everything.

  2. Allen Anli Allen Anli

    where can I get the course?

  3. Ric Flores Ric Flores

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  5. Tai Le Tai Le

    i just needed to see this

  6. Miami rentals Miami rentals

    Nice and interesting…. And i'm in VRentals for a while now….
    But not to forget an important point, A mortgage Unlike rent
    means You'd eventually own this home. which may increase in value
    and also it can be sold and the money you will get is this same money you paid out each month in order to own it…. So the expense is the interest within the 2,500 But most of the 2,500 will be your money still which is your ownership of the home.
    Unlike rent which will never be returned back to you in form of ownership….

    I Do thin this is right that when owning for a vacation rental There are more risks involved as if the City decides to fine you and catch you 2nd and 3rd time you can get in trouble and heavy fines in some areas which are out of the city Zoning, and unlicensed
    – which if you only rent you lose the lease deposit…. or wait for the year to end
    which is easier….as new york city, and now in miami beach as well, fines are $20K and up


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