Adam Cohen's "Perfect Store – Internal eBay" – Book Review

About this book

The perfect store tells the story of eBay. From the humble beginning to the present day. Ebay's history begins with a spare bedroom at the Pierre Omidyar home on the Thanksgiving weekend. Today, eBay has more than 1,664,000 visitors a day, 20 million registered users and 75,000 people rely on eBay for revenue. eBay was originally designed to help Omidyar's fiancee trade with other collectors. It achieved profitability in the first month and continued to change the face of the business, creating a “perfect market”.

The book reveals the details of the company's rapid rise and its fascinating impact on users through virtual markets. It examined the client's scope, the price of the woman who woke up from 3 am to the toaster, and the woman who had to rent a warehouse for her bubble packaging business. This book gives us an in-depth look at why eBay succeeded when many online companies failed. For those who are trying to understand how the Web is changing the business and those trying to predict the next big thing, the Perfect Store is an essential reading.

About Adam Cohen

Adam Cohen is the editor of the American Journalist and Assistant Editors page of the New York Times. Cohen is a lawyer and writer with a special interest in legal issues, politics and technology.

Your perfect store

The perfect store is a good read. This is interesting for those who are interested in the early days of the Internet, building their own businesses and creating a global company.

If you are building your own website, it's really inspiring, full of ideas and possible pitfalls. Learn from this great example.

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