Acne Heat Lamp Treatment – How to use it to treat your acne

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We all know that acne is associated with constipation or any form of strain experienced by rectal muscles during waste during defecation. Strain or pressure causes muscle irritation and can cause swelling of muscle tissue.

Traditionally, any form of external exchange has been cured by the application of heat because heat or temperature can cause the tissue to swell. Here, the use of acne-heating lamp therapy has gained wide acceptance because it provides relief both instantaneously and instantaneously.

The German sitz bath is also very popular, but it is expected to do a lot of preparation work. It requires a bathtub filled with water, which is contrary to the protective measures we must follow. Whenever you go home or buy creams and ointments from the counter, you can provide the relief you need, but it can be very confusing because it can cause underwear to dye.H

Acne heat lamp treatment produces infrared heat that effectively relieves pain and swelling when swollen muscles are radiated. There are several types of acne heat lamp treatments, the most effective of which are treatments that can be adjusted to the intensity and frequency of the radiation. Therefore, they are safe and easy to use because they are rapidly spreading.

How to treat with acne heat lamps?

1. When using an acne heat lamp, make sure that you are in an area where there are no objects or flammable objects or objects such as curtains, blankets, etc. that may accidentally touch or touch. light .

2. Carefully check the shield of the IR lamp or the screen is securely attached to its housing. This is to prevent the bulb from being accidentally exposed to strong heat, which can cause the bulb to break.

3. Make sure that the heat of the bulb is at least 18 inches from the skin. Infrared radiation should be directed at the swollen and affected area for up to 20 to 30 minutes. However, you must turn off the light bulb immediately to prevent the skin from starting to burn.

4. Do not touch the bulb directly and allow the heat to dissipate before the acne heat lamp is cured.

This infrared device is not recommended for patients with acne who have a history of hypertension or any blood circulation disorder.

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