A Timeshare Salesman Claims To Have Been Dave Ramsey’s Financial Advisor

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  1. life is worth fighting for life is worth fighting for

    um… didn't the guy have a question?

  2. April Lue Vlogs April Lue Vlogs

    'hope I wasn't unclear' 😁

  3. Seth Amos Seth Amos

    When you say Never own a timeshare.. I beg to differ. We've owned a timeshare for 12 years and it's paid for itself two times over. I will say we purchased an inexpensive one ($7500) and low maintenance cost is key. One thing everyone fails to mention is Last call RCI deals. This is actually what sold us and has been truly amazing. One can get a week at a gold crown resort for $249/week ($250-300 per night booking elsewhere). These last call vaca's used to cost a small amount of points but now costs 0 points just the $249 booking fee.. and you can get 2,3 bedroom units.. Whatever they have available. My mom was getting cancer treatments in Florida and we put her up for a month in "last call" vacations.. It cost her $1200 for the month including the guest/family fee. Guys your going to pay that in one week at this kind of resort. I wish people would exam all aspects of a timeshare before calling it a "Stupid" decision.

  4. mikeyvester mikeyvester

    Buying a timeshare is almost as stupid as gambling. Once, unintentionally, I went to a timeshare pitch. A real heavy pressure sales pitch. Somehow they got my telephone number. I finally went ballistic and I guess I scared them off. As Dave says, there is no location where a timeshare is that a hotel isn't.

  5. Mrdougnfriends Mrdougnfriends

    We had the same guy in Branson! He said he sold Dave his timeshares! lol wow can't believe he told that lie to someone else!

  6. pault726 pault726

    "This guy's got anatomical attributes!" – classic.


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