57.M.06.28 – 1957 Canadian naval visit in Helsinki

57.M.06.28 – 1957 Canadian naval visit in Helsinki
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Six Canadian warships ended their goodwill cruise to Baltic ports in mid-November and set sail for Lisahally, Northern Ireland, their last stop before heading back across the Atlantic to Halifax, in company with the carrier Bonaventure, and the destroyer escort Ottawa.

Since leaving Canada on 5th September, the destroyer escorts St. Laurent, Saguenay, Assiniboine,, Haida, Micmac and Nootka had taken part in a series of major N.A.T.0, maritime NAVAL AFFAIRS 99 exercises and had visited Portsmouth, Portland, Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Asbenraa (Sweden), Kiel, Hamburg and Oslo. In every port they were warmly welcomed, and goodwill toward Canada was most noticeable, and was strengthened by the visits.

On 10th November the St. Laurent’s band had the honour of playing at the Oslo Cathedral, where King Olav V attended the Remembrance Day Service sponsored by the British community in the Norwegian capital. More than 800 officers and men from the visiting Canadian ships paraded at Remembrance Day Service in Oslo, including that at the Cathedral.

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