5 Tips for Toe Turns – Beginner Snowboarding

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  1. Jim Nguyen Jim Nguyen

    Hand over the rear did it for me. Toe side turns at speed allowed me to improve a lot.

  2. Lauren Rooney Lauren Rooney

    How do you turn from heel side to toe side? I cannot for the life of me stand up with assistance as my board begins to slide down the hill before I'm even standing which throws me off. I'm looking to learn how to go heel side but for now I don't want this to hold me back

  3. Frauke Ravijts Frauke Ravijts

    Hey Kevin!
    Your video's are helping me and my snowboarfriends a lot! thanks!
    But I am a chicken when it comes to speed… just scared to fall I guess… any tips for me please? I think that if I can learn not to be scared my turns will improve 🙂

  4. Jennifer Phan Jennifer Phan

    Awesome footage and tips – Whistler is gorgeous!! I could just watch your guys' videos and not even have to go snowboarding lol! But I will try to remember these tips to improve my technique 😀

  5. EugeneeDelx3 EugeneeDelx3

    Great tips!

  6. Games Games

    I always catch my heel edge and fall down the mountain whenever I do a toe turn. What am I doing wrong?? I can do a heel turn just fine but whenever I go to my toe side, I can only come to a complete stop, otherwise I catch my heel edge and fall. How can I get back straight without catching my heel edge? pls help

  7. OneShotWill OneShotWill

    I love this guys jacket, anyone know where it's from? (Massive longshot I know…)

  8. lexie lexie lexie lexie

    what set up should I use if i wanna do toe heel turn.+15 and -6 or +15 and 0? thanks!

  9. Melanie Meglio Melanie Meglio

    Your videos are fantastic, you couldn't do it any better!!

  10. Nic Sievers Nic Sievers

    biggest goggles ever

  11. Evan Leung Evan Leung

    Can I send you my video so you can correct me my mistakes? Pls give me your email address, Kevin?

  12. mitsubishidiamante mitsubishidiamante

    for the first time snow boarders, make sure you do a lot of leg and abs workout, do it at lease a week or two
    cause the first time I tried, all of my leg muscles are burning

  13. Popa Silviu Popa Silviu

    Quick question: How do you add more weight on your front leg so you don't lean back and pick up more speed? Do you keep your front leg straight and your back leg bent or the other way around? For me I always pick up more speed on my heel turns compared to the toe turns.

  14. Björn Verburgh Björn Verburgh

    Hi Kevin,

    Do you have a tip or trick to make sure that both (or front) knees are always bend? I heard these tips already: imagine u have a watering can and u give water to the plants, imagine you have a crate of beer and you lift it from 1 side to the other. Or drop a snowball in front of your nose before you make the turn.

    I would like a tip that makes sure that people always bend their knees, but I don't know if that exists…


  15. jocelyne kiss jocelyne kiss



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