5 crazy hiking adventures around the world

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Stairway to heaven, Hawaii

Otherwise known as Haiku Stairs, The Stairway to Heaven is a great climbing trail on Oahu, Hawaii. There are 3,922 stages in the Ko'olau mountain range, providing climbers with amazing views on the drift line.

The development of the stairs began in 1942. As a means of entering the high mountains, the US Navy made radio intersections through the Pacific Ocean. In the mid-1950s, the stairs were updated from wooden to metal.

As of now, entering the paradise ladder is illegal and surrounded by the “no invasion” sign. In any case, it is normal for sharp climbers to ignore this and complete the climb. Due to the serious damage caused by a notable storm in Hawaii in 2015, the alarm must go up the stairs.

Everest Base Camp, Nepal

The Everest base camp is clearly outstanding in other climbs on the planet, and it is worth it. Mount Everest is located in the remote Nepalese Himalayas.

Climbing to Base Camp is shocking, and explorers will stroll through remote towns and valleys while taking the approach to sherpa.

Sharp climbers can look forward to hard physical strength, world-class perspectives and amazing social activities.

Explorers can look forward to hard physical strength, world-class perspectives and surprising social tests.

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

For those who like to reach the highest point of the mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro is really unusual compared to other mountaineering experiences on Earth. Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain on the land in Africa.

Visitors to Tanzania, East Africa, can enjoy spectacular mountain views as they approach the terminal on an open African aircraft. Explorers can hope to cross the rainforest, and the snowy terrain is finally a rough highlight before reaching the peak of 5,895 meters [19,340 feet].

Papua New Guinea Kokoda Track

The Kokoda track is a serious but reduced climb that extends over 96 kilometers through the remote Papua New Guinea. This track is a single document that allows climbers to travel through rough scenes while presenting cold, wet and wet conditions.

This kind of climbing is not for the sake of cowardice, but the explorer will encounter a journey of lowering and calming and facing the feeling of war.

The Kokoda circuit was the site of various battles between the Allies and the Japanese during the Second World War. The explorers will visit the memory of war and express their perseverance to the soldiers who fought in this remote and threatening area.

Toubkal Mountains, Morocco

Achieving the mountain is a very surprising business. One of the best rock climbing projects is the Toubkal Mountains in Morocco. Mount Toubkal achieves a mountain peak of 4,167 meters [13,671 feet] in the Atals Mountains.

Climbers will cross the hill town, soaring fields and shocking edge lines, and will see the views in Atals and even the Sahara Desert.

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