3 delicious tofu recipes you should try on Sunday

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Sweet spicy tofu:

Sweet spicy tofu is a simple cooking method. It is also suitable for rice. We recommend using nut tofu or super tofu to make recipes.


• Solid tofu / espresso tofu [D]

• corn starch


• pepper

• Olive oil

• Sweet pepper [red/green]

• onion

• Sweet chili sauce [from the supermarket]


1. Place cornstarch, salt and paper in a bowl. Then spread the tofu inside.

2. Prepare the preheated pans and fry them with olives for about five minutes until they are light brown. And let them stand on one side.

3. Add pepper and onion to the same pan and allow to dry for about 2-4 minutes until soft.

4. Add the tofu to the pot. Cook for another two minutes.

Then take a bowl and pour in sweet chili sauce.

Your sweet pepper tofu is ready to eat because it takes only 10-15 minutes to cook. You can enjoy it with white rice or brown rice.

Jerk Tofu:

This recipe is one of my favorites. Although you need a lot of ingredients to make recipes, it's still easy to cook. This recipe is a Jamaican inspired toast with tofu.


• 1 red onion


• 1 onion

• Garlic [a small amount of cloves]

Brown sugar [2 tablespoons]

• vinegar [cider / white vinegar]


• Thyme leaves [half teaspoon]

• cloves [half teaspoon]

• Cinnamon powder [half teaspoon]

• Ground allspice [half teaspoon]

• Grated nutmeg [half teaspoon]


1. Chop all the vegetables.

2. Mix all ingredients with a blender or food processor to make them smooth.

3. Add all the spices to the blender.

4. Cut your special tofu into steak and place them on a plate.

5. Add the mixed egg marinade to the tofu.

6. Put it in the refrigerator for 10 minutes to overnight.

7. Take a frying pan. Marinate the tofu in a low-temperature hot pot for about 4-5 minutes until it turns golden brown.

note: Your bastard tofu is ready. You can also use the baking tray to create a smoky flavor. You can additionally heat the remaining bastard pickles. You can mix it with rice or fried broccoli. Jerk tofu is delicious and worth adding to your vegetarian meal preparation.

So, you can try this vegetarian vegan barbecue.

Tofu lettuce packaging:

Tofu packaging is one of the purest dishes in vegan meal preparation. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to prepare. It is 100% delicious and easy to use. So this is a great dinner.


• Water荠 [drain and diced]

• Edamame

• Spring onions

• Ground garlic and onion sauce

• Soy sauce

• Lettuce


1. Put everything in a hot pot and cook until the tofu starts to look golden. Make sure to keep the heat on the media.

2. Add a little soy sauce to the pot [last minute]

Now fill the lettuce with raw tofu.

Tofu packaging is ready to enjoy. If you prefer, you can add carrots, avocados, mushrooms and peppers to the ingredients. You can also add some sauces [such as sweet chili sauce, stir-fried sauce, barbecue sauce] to the package.

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