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22 things you should do after installing WordPress

Some small adjustments are first and foremost a big influence, and those little annoying adjustments, now gone, may have implications later. Because I'm sure that everything is complete before installing the plugin or starting to publish, there is no particular order for these display orders.

  1. Updating your user profile: I say this is the first because some of the other steps below will ask you to log in again, and who can remember those crazy random generations The garbage they call the password?
    Dashboard | Users | Your Profile

    Before doing anything, change the password to an opportunity that you can remember. Then, when you are kicked out (you will set some of them ), you can log in again without referring to the email they sent you.

  2. Change your blog slogan : Yes, it is true. If you leave it while WordPress is creating it, you will be tagged as noobie from the word *go*. By default, WordPress will insert * another WordPress blog* as a slogan. Change it. You should explain your purpose, stimulate ideas, and ask a question – in addition to another WordPress blog*. Dashboard | Settings |
  3. Fixed Link Structure: Out of the box, WordPress will display the following link structure for your post: ? p = 101 This has absolutely no meaning for you, your visitors or Google. Get Rid Of It Dashboard | Settings | Fixed Links Here are five different options, although this article is not about the best SEO practices, but I will mention using date and name or months and names Doesn't work for you from the perspective of SEO. I hope I don't have to say that the Numeric option is not . I use a custom structure that allows me to benefit from the category name ( as part of the URL ) and the post name. It looks like this: /%category%/%postname%/
  4. Decision WWW: Again, by default, WordPress just includes your blog's domain name here. If you plan to publish your link as, you should now change it on your blog. Since this will affect your tracking analysis, it is best to set it up first. | General Please note that doing so will log you out. Just log in again with a new, convenient password.
  5. Discussion setting: Boy, we can write a complete book on this topic, but let me click on the highlights. You want people to comment on your blog. You just don't want the pill salesman and the porn queen to have this place run. I use 3 or more links to set comment review ( I use CommenLuv to insert a link, their URL is the second link, so 3 if they include a link in their comment if you don't plan to use CommentLuv , change it to 2 ). You can also set a list of words with * iffy * in the box below this setting. Any comment about the word will trigger the adjustment. ( The review only holds comments until you stop and approve or comment spam ). Commentary Blacklist The box is where I spend my time. I have listed some words that I really do not want to use on my website, such as viagra, penis, enlargement, and the names of several popular drugs. I didn't respond to those 60-year-olds who wanted to improve their performance, but my website is not a place to promote this.
  6. Activation ( Open ) Akismet : This often-overlooked step may mean the difference of 384 spam messages per day. Akismet is one of the best *anti-spam* plugins and comes preloaded with WordPress. use it. But one thing to note: WordPress requires an API key and can only be obtained by signing up on the website ( profile, without any blog ). Once you register, they will send an email with your API key. Insert it in the dashboard at the appropriate location. ( Once Akismet is launched, it will be at the top of each dashboard page until you activate it).
  7. Closing Posts Revision: Posting revisions is a great idea, WordPress needs an extreme ( in my heart, you may not agree ). The basic premise is this. Every X seconds, WordPress will create a backup of your post. Very good, right? This is embarrassment. Each time you save * revision *, a new record will be created in the database ([1945900] to make it larger ), and WordPress has the annoying habit of displaying a complete list of every modification in your life when you enter the edit post . If you're like me and through desktop client blogs, you already have a backup of your articles. Therefore, to turn off this annoying feature, open your wp-config.php file in Notepad or a similar file and add this line to another definition you find in it.

  8. Installation category : At least one. No, you don't need to know the entire classification structure now, but is helpful for at least one idea of ​​the classification you use most often. Once you have created the most common category, change the default category to this category.

    Dashboard | Settings | Writing Change the default post category to the newly created category.

    When you are on this page, the following is Bonus Tweak: Change the size of the mailbox from 10 to 20. By default, WordPress will create a "Mailbox Body" box of 10 lines high. I don't know you, but it feels a bit crowded.

  9. Installing Ping Service : This is not strictly a practice, it can help you get coveted traffic. By default, WordPress adds a ping server to the list of possible servers that you can use. ( Just one?) So I went out and found some of the best servers. I just copied the list to other update service areas. I attach a downloadable and copyable text file instead of including them in the body of this article. Dashboard | Settings | Compose From the list of Ping Servers copy the list ( or select the one you want ) to find
  10. Install Google XML Sitemap on my blog [19659013] Google XML Sitemap generates a compliant XML-Sitemap for your site, allowing major search engines ([1945900] Google, Yahoo, Ask, MSN ) to easily index your site. Each time you edit or add a post, the Sitemap will modify itself unless you describe it in a different way (see below). This section is optional, but it is recommended to use Height ! Go to Google Webmaster Central and sign in with your Google Account (You do have a Google Account, right? ). On the first page, there will be a link to "verify" your website. Follow the instructions there. Once completed, you can click the *Add Sitemap* link on the first page and add the URL to your sitemap, which will be as follows (non-work) link:
  11. Installing the database backup plug-in : WordPress is powered by database software . All your posts, pages and links are stored in the database. If it crashes, your entire *blog* may be lost, so please take a moment to install a backup plug-in to protect yourself. I have tried three or four times, but my favorite one ( and make sure it is all my blog ) is WP-DBManager plugin . After installation and activation, simply go to Dashboard | Database ( it is at the bottom ) and select the database option . Select the maximum number of backups that need to be backed up ( mine is 10 ) and set up an automatic email feature. This sends a compressed copy of the database backup to your email address. Sweet, huh?
  12. Changing media settings : WordPress ( a bit ) automatically resizes content based on when and where you insert content into a post. If your theme allows a content width of 400px, and your large picture has a maximum width of 1024, problems occur. You can manually adjust the size of any photo, but it takes a real time saver to spend time updating these media values ​​before starting . Dashboard | Settings | Make media adjustments based on *taste*, but make sure that your large size does not exceed the area of ​​content that your theme defines. For example, my 580 pixels fit this area.
  13. Change plugins and topics Location: Okay, don't be afraid, but this will move a bit in the advanced direction. First of all, the logic behind this… WordPress is open source software. It is maintained by a group of like-minded people who constantly improve and add new features. Due to all these busy activities, sometimes you will have to upgrade your WordPress software ( and yes, it is still free ). However, the upgrade process ( without the right plug-in ) can be a little scary and a bit tedious. To prevent accidental overwriting of plug-ins, themes, or special settings, you can move a static file ( unchanged ) file to another location. It can be anywhere on your web server. All you need to do to implement this strategy is to copy the entire directory ( wp-content ) to another location and tell WordPress where to find the files. Just as we close the revision, just edit the wp-config.php file to include the definition statement shown below. Define('WP_CONTENT_DIR', ''); (I must delete the first part of the domain name that usually appears in the address library – be sure to put it Back). Don't forget to upload it back to your blog's root folder.
  14. Prevent visitors from browsing your WordPress folder : Yes, there are curious job seekers, and hackers. I don't want anyone to be careless during my WordPress installation. For any reason. There are several ways to prevent this from happening. One is very simple, one is not so simple. Choose your favorite method.

    • Method 1 Create an empty text file and save it ( name ) it index.php. Upload this file to wp-content (), wp-admin, and wp-includes. When an empty file navigates to that location and a blank page is displayed, the empty file is read instead of your file list.
    • Method 2 Add the following line to your.htaccess file installation directory that exists in the main WordPress.
      Options All – Index: This will turn off the automatic function of *list* files that exist in the directory without the default page.

  15. Makes your website harder to crack : Along the same lines, I want hackers to find some weaknesses in the installation process. Knowing that my WordPress version can provide them with enough information to attack me, I eliminate the temptation. ( No, it doesn't happen often, but it does happen ). I deleted code snippets that are in almost every theme.

    Although near is almost enough to deter most people, you can completely remove this feature from WordPress by adding this line to your theme's function.php file.

  16. Change the location of the upload folder : By default, WordPress will put any photos you upload into a directory named wp-content /uploads. First, uncheck "Make my upload files into folders based on month and year." It makes absolutely no sense in the real world. We like to work in real-world settings. Miscellaneous You can choose to have WordPress use any folder on your web server as the default location, but if you plan to do so, then in your The folder contains *path* and the complete URL. ( ie: *Path* will be ../../ pictures if you want pictures to go to ../ tell WordPress to move up one directory )) [19659003] to the RSS Feed Add to Feedburner : Yes, you can use WordPress to install RSS feeds, but Feedburner is a great feed delivery and tracking system. Why do you do this? Burn the feed with Feedburner and install a feed plugin that will force all feeds to be added to your Feedburner account URL, or update the topic header.php file to add the following line:
  17. Activate your analysis : Track your users and traffic, who you can visit, how they find you and where they go to learn a lot. I recommend Google Analytics, Woopra, Firestats and Psychic search. Other available analysis services include Mint and StatCounter. You have a few options here. The first is the plugin ( always suggests they add to your blog ), or manual theme editing. For example, Google will provide you with a small snippet of code. Just open the footer.php file and add the code above the closed body tag. I prefer a good plugin like Ultimate Good Analytics. Psychic Search and Firestats are plugins. Woopra also provides a plugin ( optional ).
  18. Custom 404 page : It happens, people make mistakes… They enter the wrong address, or move pages. They land a link that no longer exists from the search engine. Bam! 404 error. ( A bizarre way of saying nothing – at the time the matter was just ending ) Now, you can hope it will not happen ( it will ), or you can immediately plan, And make full use of this page. Do you provide products? Place a mini sales letter on your 404 page template and attach the full letter link. Add 404 pages to your Hot Articles or most actively discussed content so that they can choose to use your content. The 404 page is not necessarily a death sentence.
  19. Helping Google Love Your Blog : This is an unfortunate fact that most bloggers will not do this until they write on the blog for a while before they realize it is theirs ] should be done for search engine optimization. If you immediately install Headspace2 or All In One SEO, you can lead the game and start to complete the extra areas they give you. I won't discuss this detail in detail here ( This is a whole 'nother post ), but each of them provides a title, description and keyword fields on the screen for new posts. You should finish all three. Be sure to use the primary keyword at least once in the title and description, and place 1-5 keywords in the keyword field.
  20. Creating a contact page : Do not over-look at this important step. You want to visit. You want them to think you are a real person and they can come in contact with you. If you don't provide *connect*, they won't.
  21. Create a visitor site map : This is different from the site you created for the search engine… This is a quick-view page that outlines everything on your site. Do not assume that your navigation applies to your visitors ( may not be ). You provide them with more ways to find your valuable content, they are more will . If your theme does not contain the archives.php file to allow this to happen, get Dagon Design Site Builder or SRG Clean Archives . Both are plugins that make this process almost painless.

Anything else? I know, I know… This article is slightly longer than my plan, but these are things I did for each new blog WordPress blog I created [ 40+ and Count ] . I found that these adjustments are the absolute minimum requirements for easily maintained blogs. and were discovered by search engines. Although I mentioned some very important plugins, there are more plugins that I should consider using. Although this is not the sum of my blog set up, I will pay attention to what you did when setting up your blog (if you already have you will do this () or go back and leave a comment if I miss it. Something, something,

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