2012 Olympics – The Best Yet

Things have changed somewhat since the first Olympics in 776BC. There was only one event called the Stade a race that was run over 210 yards. The first winner of the race was a cook called Coroebus who was naked when he ran and won the race. The Olympics was then held every four years for about 1200 years. It was then cancelled by the Christian emperor Theodosios in 393CE as he believed the Olympics had Pagan undertones.

Luckily, 1500 years later a Frenchman by the name of Pierre De Coubertin had the presence of mind to revitalize and begin a new era for the Olympics.

Since then the games have had their trials and tribulations but they have become the moniker of the importance of competitive sports events in fostering pride in ones country. The 2012 Olympics are certain to be the best games ever held. The addition of new sports and the technological advancements of bringing the games into every house in the world will make the games one of the most watched events in history.

Being able to take part in cheering on the Olympians gives people throughout the world excitement and wonder watching the competitors give their all and push their talents and their bodies to the ultimate test. The originators of the Olympics back in 776 BC would be proud of where the games have gone. The basic premise is the same to push athletes to their max, but the games themselves have become an international harbinger of good will.

It is sad at times when countries for whatever reason have had to withdrawn or were banned. However, the majority enter the games with a positive attitude towards having fun and enjoyment. The games have to be the number one dream on all athletes minds.

As you read this the 2012 Olympic games preparations are well under way for the most outstanding games ever. London the host country will enjoy the economic benefits and its people the sheer joy and excitement, this is history in the making

The Olympic grounds of any country become permanent reminders of these amazing historical events steeped in challenge and victory. Londoners are already ramped up and excited about hosting the world and showing off their city to all the athletes and fans. Soon it will be here. Come on the 2012 Olympics, I cant wait!

John has more than 14 years of sporting experience. Manager of his local football team for many seasons. He has participated in a number of athletic events and now spends most of his time keeping fit by cycling and jogging. Why not visit the latest news on the 2012 Olympics

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