15 Ball Pocket Billiards

Many people who play cue sports, such as billiards or pool, will tell you there is no game more difficult than fifteen ball. This statement is partly subjective but at the same time it's almost completely true.

There are quite a few games with a similar dynamic to fifteen ball, for example there is, six ball, nine ball, ten ball. These games are all played with the same set of rules; the only difference is the amount of balls that you play with.

Beginners tend to play six ball because of the low level of difficulty; conversely professionals tend to play fifteen ball for the added difficulty. So it just depends on what you want; whether or not you are ready for fifteen or if you're still struggling with basic shots.

Rack the balls however you like, some people prefer to place the money ball (the ball with the highest value on its face) in the center. The position of the other balls in the rack makes no difference.

Whoever hits the money ball in wins the game-sounds easy enough right? There is more to it than that.

Like I mentioned before the money ball is the ball with the highest number on its face, so in fifteen ball it would be fifteen and in nine ball it would be nine. This is going to be the last ball in the game to be played.

So whoever sinks this ball is the winner. Each player takes turn trying to sink a ball.

He must illustrate what pocket he wishes to play and how he wishes to play it. That means the player must call the pocket, the rails he bounces off and the other balls he is going to hit with the strike.

The balls must be hit in order of their face value, lowest to highest. First player will break, second player will go for the one ball.

If he makes the one he can go for the two ball, and so on and so forth until he fouls or scratches. A foul is when a player fails to hit the object ball first in a turn or at all, and a scratch is anything from sinking the wrong ball or cue ball.

However any time during the game, the player may play the ball with the lowest value in a cannon shot to the fifteen ball. If a successful compound sink comes from the shot he is the victor.

Even for this though the shot must be called. It is not allowed to hit the ball all willy nilly.

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