10 stuttering treatment tips to overcome stuttering

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Looking for some simple stuttering treatments, can you do it yourself? This article will provide you with 10 simple tips to help you stop stuttering today.

Tip 1: There is no magic treatment

The first thing to do – you need to remember that you didn't start stuttering overnight, and the treatment of stuttering won't happen overnight. If you don't see the results overnight, don't be discouraged. It needs to work, but it is worth it.

Tip 2: Accept your stuttering

It is a fact that you stutter, so don't try to stop your stuttering. This inappropriate pressure that you stop yourself is part of your stuttering.

Tip 3: Stop hiding

Don't hide your stuttering from yourself and others. When you speak, you think you are terrible. When you hear someone else, you think they are perfect – garbage! No one said it was perfect. Eliminate stress by avoiding stuttering. Remember that the stress of speaking will make your stuttering worse, no matter what you do to reduce stress and reduce stuttering.

Tip 4: Don't try to be fluent

Your goal is to talk, not necessarily fluent. Expecting fluency will increase the pressure, as we said above, stress is your enemy! Your goal is to be a conversation, which means speaking in a good rhythm and comfortable way.

Tip 5: Avoid avoiding

Slowly adapt yourself to situations that you have avoided in the past. Whether it's a party, a book club, or what you have – let you be a goal, enter the situation you have avoided, because your stuttering is at least once a week. This will help build the confidence needed to cure stuttering.

Tip 6: face the challenge

Stopping your stuttering will bring work, as we said above. If you think of it as something that is almost impossible, then it is. If you accept it as a challenge and work hard to overcome the daily challenges, there is no doubt that you can control your stuttering.

Tip 7: Eye contact

Keep eye contact when you are talking, and when you are listening. I know that eye contact can be difficult when you stutter, but this small step will help build the confidence you need to overcome the challenge.

Tip 8: Be a keen observer

Really pay attention to what people will do when they say well. What are they doing when "normal" speakers speak? How fast are they talking? Are they watching the people they are talking to? Observe the good speakers and then practice imitating them. You will also start to notice that almost no one will say perfect.

Tip 9: Start stuttering

One of the tricks they use in speech therapy is when you deliberately stutter! Many people find that by actually trying to stutter, they can't! Trying to force yourself to stutter can cover the trigger that causes you to stutter first.

Tip 10: Observe yourself

You also need to be your own keen observer. When do you have the most stutter? When are you almost never stuttering? Is there a physical, emotional or psychological trigger that causes stuttering? By understanding the answers to these questions, you can start to study the reasons for stuttering, not just the stuttering itself.

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